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How to improve memory at any age?

Can dementia be stopped? Quite, but only with a serious approach. When a person notices a sharp deterioration in the ability to memorize even elementary things, he begins to understand that all these poems at school, tasks and everything else aimed at strengthening memory were important and necessary. However, such a late realization may be useless.

You can start not with cramming or reading, although such exercises can also help, with changes in diet, sleep patterns and overall lifestyle. If you don’t want to suffer from Alzheimer’s after a certain age, then seriously take hold of your head, literally and figuratively.


Meditation and mindfulness practices relax the mind and body, give a chance to replenish the amount of grey matter in the brain and reduce pressure. Thus, they are good for improving short-term memory, help you learn to concentrate on things and have a positive effect on learning ability. 

Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep

The more you sleep, the easier it is for the brain to perceive new information after waking up. 7-8 hours of sleep is the optimal value for the human body. If you do not fulfil the norm, the brain simply “refuses” to work normally due to banal fatigue and improper hormone production. To avoid a lack of sleep make sure you sleep and wake up at the same time. Get rid of gadgets before going to bed. Enter the Spinia Login information to play your favourite games earlier during the day and make sure you are not irritated.

Fish fat

Omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids have long been known as the main element of solid memory. Fish oil is especially useful for older people: studies have shown that those who ate fish or consumed the corresponding vitamins with acids had almost no sharp deterioration in mental abilities. Moreover, thanks to these same substances, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and chronic fatigue is reduced.

Giving up sugar

Doctors have proven that an excess of sugar affects the decrease in brain volume. In addition to other health problems that come from excessive consumption of sweets, this craving can also cause memory loss.

Minimum alcohol

Subject to the norm, alcohol is almost harmless (and sometimes even beneficial) to the body. However, the slightest violation of the measure of alcohol can completely destroy your health and slow down your brain. According to the results of the study, those who overdo it with alcoholic beverages perform significantly worse on memory tests.


We are not talking about all confectionery products, but specifically about a chocolate bar with a cocoa content of 70%. It contains special antioxidants, flavonoids, which activate the growth of cells in the brain and improve its blood circulation.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise

This method is great for people of all ages. Physical activity triggers the production of neurons in the brain, which has the best effect on human cognitive abilities. Try to check for yourself – exercise for 10-15 minutes, and then switch to mental work. The difference will be obvious.

mental training

This refers to at least minimal mental activity during the day. This is not about thought processes, but about brain stimulants in the form of crossword puzzles, sudoku, chess, special mobile applications for logic and quick wits. Studies have shown that people who were distracted by such training for at least 15 minutes a day differed from other respondents in a higher indicator of concentration and speed of thinking.

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