Slot Machines

How to win at Slot Machines

While in land-based casinos, no one decides on the value of the chips awarded by the house, in online casinos, players own the fate of their chips, deciding on the value of each chip. If a chip is worth $0.25, a bet of five chips will amount to $1.25. Once you have set a chip value, it’s time to decide how many pay lines you want to play, and pay the same amount on each line. Thus, if you bet five coins of $0.25 on 10 pay lines, your total bet will reach $12.50.

In online slots, you can bet just a few cents per spin and still cover multiple lines.

Know the best strategies for winning in slot machines that have been tested by players and can bring many chances of winning in slot machines online and in real casinos.

Tips to win at Slot Machines

win at slot machines
  • Plan the amount you have to wager and take advantage of the slot machine bonuses.
  • Increase your chances by betting on more paylines.
  • Understand the real odds of winning in slot games.
  • Play at reliable sites where the machines have high payout percentages.
  • Take advantage of free slots games to increase your gaming skills.

Payline Betting

How to Win at Slot Machines

To make the most of the possibilities of winning in slot machines, you have to understand and the concept of payline.

In the physical or digital machine, most multi-line/multi-coin slots are multiplied straight through.

slot strategies

This means that there are no bonuses for playing more coins, however, the number of coins you bet on the line and the number of lines you play, does not always affect the long-term return. So, the more you spread your bets across the paylines, the greater the chances of decreasing the instability of your experience as you insert more ways to win a portion of your bet.

Some machines can offer up to 25 paylines and to be eligible for the maximum payout, generally, you have to bet the maximum amount of coins on all lines. If you play the maximum amount of coins on a payline of 5, you will not win the higher payout or the progressive jackpot. Playing this way has a disadvantage, as it will obviously cost a lot more and you will have to adjust the value of the coins even further downwards. Better than playing loose coins in a $1 machine, is playing 4 coins and 5 lines in a 5 cent machine.

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Odds of winning at slot machines

In online blackjack, a player can reduce the house edge to around 1% with strategies applied in the game. You can lose 50 cents on average, for every $100 wagered. However, for the slot machine there is no human component that competes with the player, the machines are equipped with random number generators. So check out the odds of winning at the slot machine below:

RTP (return to player = return to player): the machines pay a certain percentage for every dollar wagered. The return on betting on slot machines is usually between 90% and 97% – the higher the percentage, the better your chances of winning. For example, a 90% payback machine will pay out 90 cents for every dollar bet, which is a 10% margin for the house. This does not mean you will immediately win 90 cents when you place $1 into the machine. Over the course of the game, the machine will eventually retain the 10 cents of the dollar.

  • Volatility: Payout frequency refers to the variance and volatility of the hit rate. The higher the variance, the higher the risk and payout and the lower the variance, the lower the risk and payout.
  • Bet amount: CasinoTop10 advises to start with small bets and note how the machine reacts. Does the machine pay out frequently, but not large amounts? Is it taking a longer payback time, but when it does, does it pay off with higher amounts? The advantage of starting with smaller bets is not to spend unnecessary money, getting to know your comfort zone. When you are comfortable with the slot machine’s payout method, increase your bet. Practice makes perfect, but patience will get you even further.
  • Random number generators: there is no way of knowing whether a machine will win or not because slot machines have random number generators. A machine that has just paid out has the same percentage chance of paying out on the next spin, regardless of how many times you pull the lever.

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